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The secret of the Globeebag Travel Pillow is our internal support system, hidden in our super soft fleece.

1. Strengthened Ribs provide scientifically proven head and neck support
2. Super Soft Fleece and foam is stretched to create a comforting hammock effect
3. Patented Design fits any neck shape, jaw and shoulder

All this combines to give you the most comfortable sleep possible on the move. Globeebag Pillow is scientifically proven to hold the head and neck in a better ergonomic position than a traditional travel pillow.

Globeebag Travel Pillow combines super soft, hypo-allergenic fleece with a hidden internal neck support system to hold your head and neck in the best position for sleeping – no need to lean against a window.

Get a blissful sleep on your next long haul flight without pain or discomfort. Scientifically proven to be better than a U-shaped neck pillow for travel, Globeebag Pillow has been and strategically designed to prevent stiff necks and sore shoulders.

The best part? This travel accessory is lightweight and packs super small for travelling.

Grab it before you go, then wrap and nap whenever you get a moment. We guarantee your best sleep on the move, or your money back.


Planes, trains and automobiles just became more comfortable.

How do I wear Globeebag Pillow

1. Separate the velcro and extend your Globeebag Pillow

2. Position Globeebag Pillow internal support wherever is most comfortable - either side or under your chin

3. Wrap and Nap! Wrapping tighter will give you more support


How does Globeebag Pillow work?

We use our patented Z7 technology to give you the most comfortable sleep on the move

Due to its symmetry, the Internal Support system (ISS) is extremely adaptable and can be worn anywhere across the front of the neck - either side or under the chin.

  • the pocket stretches between the two limbs to fit any shape of face, jaw, and shoulder
  • the gap between the bands across the middle allows for cushioned but firm support, holding your head in a neutral position
  • strengthening ribs prevent too much movement but still allow for some bending to let it fit flat against the shoulder or face, eliminating any pressure points